Using a Garden Shed and the Right Shed for your Needs

A typical garden shed is a place where people tend to keep tools and gardening equipment, however a shed can also be a summerhouse, a garden office or even a place to practice hobbies and have some peace and quiet away from the rest of the house. The way that we live nowadays means that we spend a lot of time at home and since the pandemic and the cost of living crisis as well as working more from home people are not spending as much money on going out, so a home is needed to provide more entertainment and work spaces in a way that it wasn’t in the past.

If you are thinking about adding a shed to your garden, here are some of the different uses for sheds and the various considerations that you might need to have depending on how you plan to use it…

Potting Shed – A potting shed is a space that committed gardeners love to have. A great place to get on with your planting and a space to grow plants a little like a greenhouse. A potting shed has a lot of glazing to allow light in to get to the plants and of course you will need to have the space to do the work in there and store the plants and other equipment that you need.

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Tool Storage Shed – The main thing that you need to have with a tool storage shed is good security. Choose a robust material to build the shed from – if you want to design your own shed it can be a good idea to go to somewhere like this Portsmouth timber merchants

Make sure that as well as having a secure structure that you also have good quality locks and if possible, go for a shed that has no windows as this will stop burglars looking in to scope out what is in there, or breaking windows to get in.

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Garden Office Space – So many people work from home and working in the house can be a challenge. To get that space away from the home so you can concentrate in a garden office is ideal. Make sure that the office is well insulated for warmth and also that it is connected to an electricity supply as you will need to use the computer in there.

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