When double glazing was a popular and fashionable choice

Double glazing is everywhere. Most people have double glazing or are getting it. Double glazing has many benefits as it keeps in the heat and keeps out the cold and sound of the outside. Double glazing can help to drastically reduce the “heat bleeding” that occurs through windows.

Double glazing did not become a standard feature of homes until the 1980s. The need for double glazing was not as great as it is today. What made us suddenly decide to replace the wooden frames and single panes with the easier-to-clean aluminium?

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If you still need double glazing, then Tewkesbury Double Glazing from https://www.firmfix.co.uk/ are the first to call. Your friends will not be as impressed as guests in the 70s and 80s were. While they were enjoying the fondue or prawn cocktail they might have noticed that the curtains were left open a bit – even though it was evening. Then they’d ask, “Why are the curtains not closed?” They were curious as to why there was no breeze without the heavy curtains or why an attractive woollen draught-excluder wasn’t in place! Hosts would have been showing off their double glazing.

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The ads of that time were very effective in promoting the idea of keeping out draughts. Ted Moult was the star of many ads featuring a regional television presenter with a distinctive Derbyshire accent. His everyman appeal won over customers. He would throw a feather through the window to demonstrate the draught-free ability of double glazed windows. In one advert, he managed to kill two birds with one shot by having a helicopter land on the front lawn of the house and demonstrate how the double-glazed windows stopped strong winds as well as dampening sound.

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