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Starting up your own business is a big adventure, and it comes with all sorts of challenges and big decisions. One of the first things to do for your new business is to come up with a name. This is actually a really important decision to make, as your name will become your own brand, and be with you throughout the growth of your business. The name of your business will be something you and your customers know, and it will have a personality associated with it. So, when choosing a name, choose wisely!

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A good thing to do when you start a business or even before you start and are in the planning phase and coming up with a business plan, is to get some help from a professional brand strategy agency like this to get your brand right from the very start.

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One of the things that make a brand name important is the emotion and message that it passes on to customers. When someone hears a certain word or name it instantly can provoke a reaction – and you want this reaction to be a good one. Positive and relevant associations with a brand are an important part of the relationships that people build with a brand.

A brand name is a part of your brand’s personality. Having a personality is essential for your brand, as you want people to be able to relate to it. When you are coming up with the brand, consider the personality. It helps to think of your brand as a person – what type of person would it be? A big part of getting this right is knowing your target audience, so make sure that your personality of your brand is relatable to your target audience. For example, if you are an accountant, you want your brand’s personality to be serious and competent, not fun and laid back, but if you were running a surf shop, you might want it the other way around.

The name of the company should therefore reflect this personality. The style of the logo that you use will also help to convey the personality and message of your brand to your customers too, which then helps to build a relationship over time.

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