car does not heat

The heating of the car does not heat correctly

Car does not heat – Already you begin to notice the temperature drops! But when you turn on the heating to alleviate that unpleasant cold … well, the heating does not work!

And is that after the summer and give so much use to the air conditioning of our cars, we had forgotten the temperature drop and heating.

But what happens? It is usual that after a long period of time without using it, when we are ready to activate the heating does not work as we expect, even that the air that is cold.

Why car heating does not work?

the car does not work

 Although it is true that the hot air outlet is not immediate, as in summer, the cold air takes a while to come out.

We then need a little patience, since the vehicle needs some time to generate heat and reach the necessary temperature. However, if you notice that it takes longer than usual, there may be a problem:

Failure in the mechanism. The heat enters the vehicle’s interior through different elements. It is possible that one or several of them are in poor condition and therefore the operation of the heating does not go as it should.

 External elements. Other common possibilities that tend to cause the heating does not do its function can be because of:

  • Electric water pump.
  • Even if some water hose or solenoid valve has become clogged.

You do not have coolant , because you need to refill it or because there is a leak in the radiator, it can be the reason that your car’s heating does not work properly.

 Some engine problem may also be the reason why it does not allow the system to reach the optimum temperature.

 If you detect any of these faults or you still can not find a solution to the problem, we recommend that you make an appointment in your trusty workshop, where they will detect the fault and you will be able to enjoy the heating normally again.

Tips so that the heating always works well

Tips so that the heating always works well

 Ignition of the heating . It is advisable not to turn it on as soon as you start it. The car still maintains the outside temperature and if it is cold it will enter your car as it is! Wait for the engine to warm up and activate the “re circulation” mode.

Air direction. It is advisable to direct it towards the feet and the upper area in the direction of the windshield. In this way, the hot air flow will circulate optimally avoiding, in turn, fogging the front window.

Turn it on throughout the year. A good way to ensure its proper functioning is not to neglect its maintenance. For this reason, it is advisable to turn it on also in summer, thus preventing the coolant valve from getting damaged due to lack of use.

Hoses Checking this part of the vehicle is important, since the hoses are responsible for transporting the coolant to the radiator.

If you follow these use and maintenance tips, you will ensure that your car’s heating has the longest possible life and that its operation is impeccable when you really need it.

It is so unpleasant to be cold while driving … Do not neglect something that is so easy to maintain and so used in winter!

Heating of the car

That which makes you feel ” Agustin” when you go inside the car and turn it on whenever it is a cold that peels! You connect her and take off layers of clothing.

I’ll tell you in a simple way how it works so you can know why the heating of your vehicle has started to fail.

How does my car’s heating work?

To understand the heating of your car, you must first know how the cooling circuit works. As you can see in the drawing, the hot liquid goes from the engine to the radiator ( in red ), where it is cooled by the flow of air that enters due to the car’s own speed. Once cooled, the liquid ( in blue ) returns to the engine to regulate its temperature.

And what does this have to do with the heating of my car?

And what does this have to do with the heating of my car?

Although coolant sounds cold, the coolant is about  90 ° . The heating of your car works by taking advantage of this hot liquid. To achieve this, it is diverted through another circuit to the  heating radiator  and, through a fan, it passes it to your car, which causes the long-awaited heat .

Did you know that it was the heat of the engine that is used to warm you?

If you are interested in having a more technical definition, you can find it in this article about the cooling circuit of a car .

Why is my car’s heating not heating?

There are several reasons why your car’s heating may not work. These are the most common.

Coolant level. If your car has a leak or loss of this liquid, the radiator is the first element to run out because it is located on the highest part of the entire heating system.

The engine is cold. If you have just gotten into the car do not turn on the heating until it does not take a while, because if the engine has not had enough time to warm up and the coolant does not, the air that will enter the interior will be cold even if you have the heating on.

As I said before, the heat generated by the engine is used to heat the cabin , therefore, we can say that it does not involve any expense.

But eye! Electric power is needed to turn the fan, which is responsible for passing the air inside. This energy is given by the battery that, in turn, is charged by the alternator. This consumes fuel, but the expense is very small, almost negligible .

Are there differences with air conditioning?

Are there differences with air conditioning?

The operation of the heating is totally different from that of the air conditioning.

The latter transforms the hot air from the outside into cold air, and is achieved thanks to a gas that circulates throughout the circuit. To do this, a compressor is used that is coupled to the motor belt, which consumes energy, and therefore fuel.

The use of air conditioning, by subtracting power from the car, considerably increases the consumption of your vehicle, and can reach up to 20% more.

Tips for using your car’s heating

Be patient!

If you just started, it is normal that the heating of the car does not heat much. The air will be cold! Let the engine warm up and put it in re circulation mode. In this way, the air that is heated is the inside of the vehicle and you will get to a good temperature more quickly.

Point to your feet

One of the most comfortable ways is to direct the air towards the feet and the windshield area . Hot air tends to rise and thus you get a comfort zone without drafts. In the same way, as the moon is heating up, it will not tarnish.

Good maintenance = good performance

Keep in mind that the good condition of the engine cooling circuit is key in the maintenance of the car’s heating , since this system is made up of a radiator to which the hoses of the engine coolant are connected.

Monitor the coolant

As we already indicated in the definitive guide on how to check the levels of your car , the coolant should be refilled in case it is necessary only by the one recommended by the manufacturer, and never mix two different liquids.

Turn it on too … in summer!

An important part of the maintenance of the heating and that many we ignore is to turn it on also in summer . The objective is to prevent the cooling valve from damaging the valve due to lack of use.

Take a look at the hoses

You should check that the hoses that transport the coolant to the radiator are in good condition.

Now that you know something more about car heating, you should keep in mind that maintenance work should be done by you throughout the year.

If you have a good maintenance you will reduce the risk of breakdowns and your heating will work well . Keeping it in good condition will save you important expenses in the workshop.

Why the heating system of a second-hand car can fail

discover car does not work

The first thing we must know is that not all cars take the same time to generate heat inside the vehicle’s interior to achieve the demisting of the glass. But one thing is clear, if you have a good time waiting and everything is the same, the reasons why the heating fails can be the following:

  • Malfunction of the electric water pump.
  • Fault in the thermostat.
  • Internal plugging of some water hose.
  • Some of the solenoid valves.

In some cases, the fault may be in some component of the engine , which could be causing the car not to reach the proper temperature.

Finally, how many times have you thought while you were on the street: “I’m looking forward to getting in the car to be warm”? You arrive, you get in, and … It’s colder than outside! That’s when you remember that the heating of the car does not heat up.

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