How to upholster a chair

How to Upholster a Chair Seat and Back

Learn how to upholster a chair, and you are looking for a place to learn step by step. Here, we have prepared this article where we will explain what are the most critical phases so you can do the work at home.

1st Step: Remove tacks, staples, and screws

The first thing we will do is remove the fasteners of the fabric and the panel of the structure of the chair (the seat). If it is fastened with tacks, place a chisel under the edge of these hit the end of the chisel with a wooden mallet and gently lift the tack little by little until it comes out of the wood.

If staples fasten it, you can use lace or a flat screwdriver, so that you slide it gently under the center of the staple. Then pry them out a little and then with tweezers or pliers pull them to remove them from the wood.

How to upholster a chair

If the wood is polished and you don’t want to leave a mark, place a piece of cloth and press on it when you pry with the screwdriver instead of directly on the wood.

Once the fasteners have been removed, keep the piece of old cloth that will help us make the template of the new one. This step is performed in the same way on the back panel (if the chair has two panels).

Step 2: Prepare templates

With the old panel removed if the sponge cannot be reused, prepare a new sponge plate using the panel as a template (otherwise you can also put layers of wadding as a filling). Follow the steps below and take the measures as guidance:

✔️ Place this first sponge iron that will be 4 cm.
✔️ Cut another 2 cm foam sheet, smaller than the previous one. Put it on top of the other to raise the central area. This will give a more elegant touch to your chair.
✔️ Cut the last 1.5 cm foam plate large enough to cover the other two plates and not noticeable when placing the fabric the step made by the plates. Fix the iron with staples underneath, to turn it around the panel to make it easier for you and then cut the excess.

3rd Step: Upholstered

For upholstery, it is important to choose the right fabric. The fabric has to be strong to resist sitting on and moving. The following fabrics are recommended:

Cotton: High strength cotton is suitable for home use.

Linen: This is a strong fabric that can withstand more intensive use. It is a lovely upholstery cover that looks the classic and dresses well.

Jacquard: It is a cotton fabric mixed with synthetics such as nylon or polyester to reinforce it. This fabric can be used both for home and for commercial purposes.

Synthetic leather: This coating is strong and waterproof. You can give it great use since it is very versatile. Just keep in mind that it is not ideal for hot environments.

Velvet: This strong and soft fabric is a long-lasting upholstery lining. It costs a job to clean. So, it may not be ideal for commercial uses.

Now if you have saved the old cloth, you just have to put it on top of the new one and mark where you have to trim. Remember to square the motif of the fabric and iron it.

And follow the process you did with the last sponge iron, that is, we place the fabric on top and turn the panel over to staple the fabric gradually. Remember that it has to be well stretched and that in the corners you must make the folds that are necessary so that no wrinkles are left.

Finally, only one embellishing fabric has to be stapled so that the cut of the other fabric is not visible.

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