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Top signs to recognize a positive work environment

A positive work environment will always be characterized by its members having fun and doing integration activities. One of the best business strategies in terms of results, is where natural competences merge with good work environments. This formula results in the job satisfaction of workers that in turn leads to higher results, efficiency and commitment.

So having happy workers makes them care for the organization in which they work and therefore perform their functions better. This is why one of the basic components for business success is a positive work environment, which is consistent with the tastes of workers to be comfortable and give their best for the good of the organization.

Find out if your workplace is a positive site with 10 general signs to identify pleasant work environments .

How to recognize a positive work environment

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#1. Positive moral values: An organization with specific objectives aimed at achieving results honestly and sincerely, makes the organizational values ​​are correct and their workers feel comfortable knowing that their functions do not violate any social behavior .

#2. Relaxed and productive atmosphere: A positive office or workplace, strives to make your employees feel appreciated and valued at all times , which will increase their efficiency. Attitudes and signs such as: fear, domination, harassment or intimidation are absent and are generally organizations that value people who go out of the traditional parameters and who are creative and innovative.

#3. Commitment to excellence: An organization with a pleasant work environment is characterized by constantly challenging its employees and setting high goals, which makes workers feel that their work is necessary and therefore valued. So as employees meet their goals and objectives, the work environment will be better and better and there will be business recognition in the face of its management.

#4. Direct and sincere communication: A positive work environment is characterized by honest and sincere treatment between co-workers. It is important to avoid any kind of hypocrisy, or bad comments, and to the extent that the criticisms are made in a constructive manner , they will have a better effect, not only on the company’s results, but also on the working environment of the work team.

#5. Cooperation and support: A positive work environment has friendly attitudes and camaraderie among colleagues . This is important to the extent that at the time that an employee has some kind of problem or does not know how to perform a task, if there is a positive attitude in the office, this can be resolved with training and help from a colleague, either of the same area or another.

#6. Sense of humor : A positive work environment will always be characterized by its members having fun and doing integration activities, either only among them, or through corporate events . This type of company usually has common areas with activities, games or tools so that their employees have a pleasant time in their resting hours.

#7. Compression and understanding: A positive work environment gives facilities to their workers so that they can miss work if they have any kind of domestic calamity. Not only does he provide permission to be absent, but he also keeps abreast of the situation that the employee is going through.

This understanding on the part of colleagues and bosses, makes the worker feel valued and accepted, not only as part of a company, but as an individual within a social group.

#8. Business motivation: Every positive work environment has some kind of motivation for its employees if they reach the proposed goals in any field. A reward, even if it is simple in its form, shows that a workplace is positive.

This motivation translates most of the time into good results, which in turn generates good work environment due to business recognition.

#9. Emphasis on health, family and environment: A company that cares about the health of its employees through controls, medical assistance or even local nursing, is a company that cares about having a positive environment.

Not prohibiting bad habits such as smoking or drinking inside the office, are examples of work environment that do not think positively about the health of their employees.

A positive environment is concerned about the nutrition of their employees and that they carry out healthy practices during their lives, since this way they will not only decrease work absenteeism, but they will have healthy, healthy and happy workers, which leads to more productive and efficient.

#10. Opportunities for promotion and training: A company that offers opportunities to advance professionally and to train its employees will always have characteristics of a positive work environment.

This will not only make employees feel motivated in front of their work, generating a good atmosphere in the office, but also the bosses will be comfortable with the process that their workers are carrying out, resulting in a positive office, with fixed interest in fulfilling the objectives of the company.

Characteristics of a positive work environment

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Transparent and open communication.

In essence, a transparent and open form of communication responds to the employee’s need to feel that what he says has value. It is what helps make employees feel that they belong to the organization. The work then becomes significant because the employees know that their contribution affects the organization to which they belong.

This bi-directional open communication with time is broken down by the hierarchical or bureaucratic obstacles present in the organizations. Trust must be promoted in day-to-day interactions between co-workers, as well as between subordinates and supervisors.

There is a balance between work and personal life

There has to be some kind of balance between work and personal life. In general, having that sense of balance will improve job satisfaction for employees, since they will feel that they are not neglecting other areas of their lives, nor that they are less important to them than work.

When employees meet their different needs and goals in life, such as those of family, friends, spiritual search, self-growth, etc., they can feel more confident and do their best at work. .

Training and Development

In these times where change is more constant than ever, it is necessary that organizations can keep up with the latest developments and train their employees. For example, technology is evolving so rapidly that what organizations used 10 years ago may be obsolete today (for example, Zip drives, fax machines, dial-up modems, etc.).

Adapting to changes has never been more crucial, since those who do not adapt and modernize are replaced. This is valid for both the individual and the organization.

Recognition of work well done.

Rewards are necessary to encourage certain behaviors of people. This is known as positive reinforcement under operand conditioning in the field of psychology. A reward does not have to be monetary in nature; Sometimes a simple verbal recognition by the supervisor is all that is needed to motivate employees.

When hard work is adequately rewarded and is properly recognized by managers, employees will feel valued by the organization. Such a mentality is healthy for the organization as employees will be willing to go the extra mile without having to worry about getting something in return.

 A strong team spirit.

As social beings, we naturally seek the support of our partners and try to belong to a group. In difficult times, the team must come together to deal with any problem. This is where a sense of unity in the team is evoked and employees no longer feel that they are working for themselves. They work for something bigger than themselves, and as a team.

With these recommendations you can make the work environment in your company is the best for your team and your organization.

In Positive Spiral, welfare agency and emotional education, have a methodology that uses the best disciplines of Business Intelligence and Positive Leadership (such as Happiness at Work), to raise productivity and extraordinary performance of people and create the ideal conditions to implement the strategy successfully.

How to create a positive work environment

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Condition the facilities

Facilitating better lighting, improving storage capacity or renovating office furniture are some of the actions that can lead to a reduction in physical stress. The goal should be: invest in the workplace to make the time spent in the office as comfortable as possible.

Promote health and exercise

Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and premature death. Therefore, encouraging staff to stay healthy and promote specific programs linked to sports, not only keep the costs of health insurance at bay, but also create an energetic attitude within the company.

Celebrate successes

Rewarding the achievements, recognizing the merits within a job or simply demonstrating the value of a worker favors personal self-determination, motivation and work performance.

Finally, a positive work environment makes employees feel good about going to work, and this provides the motivation they need to be comfortable in the day and perform better. The work environment involves several elements and factors, from the employees, the relationships between colleagues and bosses, the organizational culture, as well as the physical space and the environment. a positive work environment is beneficial for a company and its employees. Creating a positive work environment can help maintain high productivity, in such a way, you should keep your workers happy. There are many ways in which a business can create and maintain a positive office environment.

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