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When building houses, timber is the ideal material to create unique designs. Timber can create some of the most beautiful houses, whether you prefer rustic and reclaimed wood or new stylish cladding. Due to technological advances, more people are looking for innovative designs from Timber Frame Companies Near Me. Timber is a material that’s easy to work with and allows you to be creative.

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The low-level and timber frame of a building in Canada allows it to blend seamlessly into the surrounding wooded area. The timber walls create a warm and welcoming environment. The large windows and clad areas allow for plenty of natural light while providing privacy. Combining materials allows for a cool environment in summer, and the ability to distribute heat during the winter.

A home in Gloucestershire was built from recycled timber. Wood can create such interesting lines and shapes. The builders wanted to show what was possible with imprecise materials.

A timber-clad house in Oslo, Norway shows how timber can be used to tell a tale. The building can be used to cover the different designs throughout history. This building is a perfect example of the flexibility that timber can provide when it’s used for construction.

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You can find out more about the possibilities of using this material by contacting Timber Frame Companies Near Me like Merlin Timber Frame.

Wooden houses are popular, modern and can look like any other house. They can be small or large. Many contemporary designs can look like a luxurious residence or even wooden villa. A beautiful example of blackened wood can be found in Austria. This is a great example of how wood can be used both for internal and external design elements. The contrast between the dark external timber and the light interior wood is striking.

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