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What to do during the weekend in winter: top-5 best entertainment

Weekend in  winter time, many people say that the mood is falling, but there are plenty of reasons to be pleased with the winter weather. If you want to have fun and use the winter days to the maximum, then our ideas for you. As always, you know, there are ideas and plans for all tastes, ages and hobbies. And like all weekends in  winter, there is always a municipality that is worth visiting especially. Any time of the year is beautiful in its own way, but children like winter very much, and not only because of New Year’s and Christmas holidays. After all, only weekend  in winter you can ride on skis and skates, roll down with a breeze from the icy mountain, arrange fights with snowballs, and little do we have winter fun!

#1. Creations of snow weekend in winter

best weekend in winter

Snow – no reason to complain about the bad weather: you can throw your friends with snowballs or arrange a real battle. If desired, you can build a fortress, divided into teams. This will allow you to get rid of the negative and to shower from the soul.

If desired, you can dazzle a snowman, a snowman, or various heroes, animals. The creative approach will make the figures unusual. Instead of a standard carrot, use paint, old buttons, beads, rain. It is convenient to paint the snow, diluting the food paint from bags of water, you can use a spray gun.

Still it is possible to take a liquid for bubbles and a usual cocktail stick. Slowly puffing the bubble, it should be left. In frosty weather, it will quickly harden, and will be covered with a beautiful pattern.

#2. Walking in the open air

during the weekend in winter

Cold – not an occasion to sit at home. Wait for a nice day and go for a walk. Snow turns any landscape into a picture, as if descended from the pages of a fairy tale. Green fir trees and powdered branches of trees become even more beautiful due to street decorations. Closer to the new year is always decorated with city squares, streets, trees and shops.

If a walk in the city does not appeal, go to the nearest forest. Crying under your feet snow and pristine glades with snow-white cover – what could be better? It is important to warmly dress, take a thermos with tea and food for local birds. Taking with them wood or coal, you can organize a shush kebab, which in the cold will seem like an incredible treat.

#3. Preparation of mulled wine

top weekend in winter

In the winter we stop talking and spend much less time with friends. Warming up together and drinking hot mulled wine is a great idea. There are many recipes for this drink, but anyone can cope with it.

Winter cold – a wonderful occasion to enjoy wine with your beloved friend and secretly heart-to-heart.

#4. Visit the sauna

the weekend in winter

A winter day or evening can be made really hot, if you go to the sauna. Take with you a company of friends, colleagues or a soul mate. The sauna will help to relax and strengthen the immune system.

And a sauna is incredibly pleasant, with a good company a great mood is guaranteed!

An alternative is a bath. Some build their own bathhouse on the site and soar in the company. Truly our entertainment – to jump into a snowdrift after a good warm-up – has not been canceled.

#5. Make a photo session

a weekend in winter

The beauty of winter days will be an excellent background for both close-ups and full-length shoots. You can dress up in Russian beauties in beautiful kerchiefs and create frames for the antiquity. “Love story” will be a particularly pleasant event for couples who met in the winter months. Sincere and warm feelings for a long time will remind you of the time spent.

And, in winter, there is much more time, and you can watch all the series of your favorite series, take a relaxing bath, visit the fair, drink hot chocolate and indulge yourself with new purchases.

Finally, many families go to the forest for skiing. What could be better? Pine forest, silence, the snow falls softly, and you drive slowly along the paved ski track. Such walks are good not only for children , but also for adults, but you can not put kids on skis, but then you can simply go and take a walk with the whole family in the weekend in n winter . And as soon as the child is ready physically and morally to ski raids, you can safely travel to nature and ski with the whole family.

Skating is a delicate matter. Not every adult can correctly stand and move on ice. It should be remembered that this type of entertainment is quite traumatic, so you need to be extremely careful and careful. In many cities, skating rinks are now working where you can master the skating under the guidance of the trainer-instructor with the whole family.

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