Psychological Death - How To Identify and Correct Your Vital Energy

Psychological Death – How To Identify and Correct Your Vital Energy

The name is really scary, but do not panic much. This term refers to psychology and in no way predetermines the real death. All problems are in the head and, thank God, they can be solved. Let’s understand what it is and how to help if there are psychological death symptoms.

The term “psychological death”

What we mean by the word “death” we all know perfectly well is the stoppage of all biological processes in the human body. And all this word is afraid because one of us does not want to live to old age and nurse grandchildren. But this all refers to physical death. But psychological death will not turn off your vital organs, but disconnect your desire to live and enjoy life. From the outside it is very difficult to notice because a person continues to “live”, he is in his mind and absolutely adequate. Only life such a state is difficult to call – it is more a simple biological existence.

Psychological Death - How To Identify and Correct Your Vital Energy


The initial stages of the development of such a “disease” are eternal boredom and being completely dejected. It seems to a person that he is just swimming along the course of life and there is no point in changing something. It simply exists, like all the other 7 billion people. But the emptiness inside him oppresses, and he tries to move somehow, to do something. And even the success of one’s own field does not bring a share of joy, but the emptiness inside becomes even greater.

In this case, this state is accompanied by complete indifference and a chronic one. A person does not try to take the initiative into his own hands absolutely, acts on the principle of a wage worker: give, bring, take, and so on. Over time, interest in such cases will disappear. This is called gradual non-stop degradation. Even Tolstoy wrote that the absence of a goal in life can be equated with death:

This is, without a doubt, psychological death, which makes the existence of a body seemingly meaningless, too, in which; by the way, painful changes occur in the process of psychological death.

Also, a person is absolutely emotionless and even the joy of his loved one cannot stir him up. It closes in its “cocoon” and exists by itself, not even realizing how you can rejoice and develop. And carrying a negative in himself, he carries it and into the masses, infecting his relatives and relatives, which can be very harmful to others – it’s unpleasant to talk to such a person; he speaks only of bad things and always argues.


The reasons can be completely different and, in most cases, they are individual. But let’s look at the common situations that many people have and can lead to bad consequences.

Persecution at school

Psychological Death - How To Identify and Correct Your Vital Energy


In today’s world, to our great regret, our children and adolescents are very cruel to their peers and younger children. It all starts with some innocuous calls and can go to a specific persecution of the child. A small person with a fragile mental system can completely lock himself up and stop contacting the outside world because he will consider that all people are the same as his classmates. This is the main point not to miss the parents and talk with your child about what is bothering him and necessarily show him all his love and affection.

Persecution at work

Psychological Death - How To Identify and Correct Your Vital Energy

This kind of psychological violence is called “mobbing”. It is common and can even lead to the worst possible outcome. Victims of persecution are most often women, and the initiators of persecution are colleagues holding a higher status. According to the statistics of one company, 35 suicides occurred on the grounds of cowarding of colleagues. The reasons for the mobbing are varied: strengthening of authority at the expense of weak colleagues, an envy of the success of one’s colleague, or the way of expelling an unloved employee.


Psychological Death - How To Identify and Correct Your Vital Energy

When a person who has a strong desire for something does not reach it – this can lead to the complete collapse of the personality. A person drops his hands, does not believe in success and believes that in the modern world nothing can be achieved without money and connections. Interest in his work begins to fade away, and later, and to life. Just as a vital failure can be counted the uncountable number of debts, unsuccessful marriage, loss of a child, and so on. This reason often causes people to end their lives.

Loss of a loved one

Psychological Death - How To Identify and Correct Your Vital Energy

When we love a person very much, his loss is very hard to bear. We begin to become isolated in ourselves and stop paying attention to the world around us. The person who is lost becomes the center of the universe for us and it is difficult to understand that withdrawing into oneself is not an option and this will not lead to anything good. And if this process is already started, then it can reach complete isolation from society and even mental illnesses.


No one will help you, except for yourself! This rule must be remembered by absolutely everyone. You should rely only on yourself, but do not lose confidence in people. Therefore, only you can render the best help at psychological death. Take your last strength in your fist and remember what you lived for before. And if there are positive thoughts – this is already part of the success. All this should be supported by close people. Let them give you love, to light a spark in you again! Never despair – there is no such pit from which it is impossible to get out.

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