How to Build an Internet Marketing Team

How to Build an Internet Marketing Team

Why is it important

Choosing the right team for the tasks of your internet marketing is not an easy process, especially if you do not have real knowledge of how to promote an online store. We gathered all the necessary information about possible solutions and types of teams to help you find exactly the option that meets the needs of your company.

Internet marketing requires the involvement of many professionals for the successful implementation of tasks. There are three solutions to this problem: creating your own team from scratch, outsourcing, and a mixed approach. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Build an Internet Marketing Team

Let us discuss the internet marketing

In-house team

The main advantages of our team are a deep understanding of all the subtleties of the company’s work, the assortment of goods, values, goals, and needs. The involved team will then focus on the overall success of the enterprise. At the same time management can constantly monitor the quality and progress of work, as well as fully control the marketing budget. Moreover, staff members, if necessary, can solve on-site issues related to the e-commerce platform.

In-house is often seen as the most affordable and cost-effective option for small businesses or start-ups, but in reality, this is not at all the case. The attraction of necessary qualified specialists is very expensive, and inexperienced employees are not immune to errors. Often this can harm your business. Budget constraint leads to the need for cooperation with experts who are able to combine creativity with analytical skills and can simultaneously work with various tools and channels. Such people are not easy to find.


If you decide to take this step, be prepared to invest in training and courses so that team members can improve their skills in online marketing in connection with the significant changes that occur in each niche year after year. However, your own team can be an effective way to control costs.

Working with an in-house team also means spending a lot of time and effort developing an Internet marketing strategy, as well as guiding all team members in areas where they need to be focused. You need to have at least one experienced e-commerce marketer in the team for competent distribution of duties and setting daily tasks.

Outsourcing Company

The Internet marketing agency is usually attracted, expecting rapid business growth and rapid success. The team of the outsourcing company can always work on several channels and completely concentrate on each of them. This is helped by practical experience in solving standard marketing issues, constant analysis of all the results obtained and evaluation of your competitors. Thanks to this, such a team will be able to raise your business to a new level, which you need to go to.

How to Build an Internet Marketing Team

Another key advantage is time-saving. Each member of a large team is responsible only for their professional field and is ready to perform work from the very beginning. Thus, you will be able to concentrate on those areas where you are well versed in yourself, and on the business itself, and you will not spend days or even months searching for and recruiting your own specialists. Moreover, when working with you, the agency sets strict deadlines.

Internet marketing does not stand still, so the outsourcing team will be the first to pay attention to new algorithms, filters, and other updates. Also, they have access to expensive, unlimited tools, software and sources of analytical data. Moreover, they are technical partners of such companies as Google, Facebook, Yandex, Bing, etc. Access to such data will help increase the productivity and efficiency of project implementation.

Depending on the scale of your project, cooperation with a marketing agency can cost a lot of money, which can be a problem for businesses with a very limited budget. But on the other hand, you only need to pay once, that is, the costs of advertising and software will quickly pay off. You do not need any personal salaries, costs for internal training courses and extra space in the office. Also, the team of the outsourcing company always provides a detailed account of its work.

Nevertheless, the team of the outsourcing company has its obvious negative sides. Firstly, it is rather difficult to find a trustworthy agency that will meet all your expectations. When searching for a quality agency, you also need to check reviews about it, study its portfolio and the prices for the services provided, so as not to run into low quality and unreasonably high prices.

Secondly, your project will not be the only one with which they will work. There may be difficulties with the immediate resolution of minor issues, depending on your contract, or with reporting on the work done when you need it. The agency can have a clear order of work, deviate from which it will be difficult for him.

Mixed team

Another option is a mixed team. This solution will combine the benefits of your own resources with the agency’s capabilities. The advantage of this team is the ability to organize the workflow of your dreams. For example, you can hire an agency to take advantage of its experience when working with specific channels or customers that are your target audience. This will allow your own team to concentrate on the situation as a whole or the tasks that it is able to solve best.

How to Build an Internet Marketing Team

Also, you can invite marketing experts to help your staff learn new tools and technologies or implement a new marketing strategy. Also, you will be able to share tasks among your employees, agency, and freelancers in accordance with the goals and deadlines set. In this case, it is recommended to appoint a responsible person from among your own personnel who could cooperate with agencies, helping them better understand the goals pursued by your brand.

The main disadvantage of a mixed team is that it needs a lot of time. In most cases, you must act as a project manager and have a deep knowledge of e-commerce marketing. Besides, it’s expensive.

How to make the right choice

Before selecting a team, you need to decide on the following key points:

  • Objectives to be achieved;
  • Tasks to be performed;
  • Resources that you can use.

Own team is a good solution if you have a limited budget, but enough knowledge about e-commerce. Or if you can maintain a whole marketing department. Nevertheless, do not wait for quick results from your employees, as they have yet to gain experience.

How to Build an Internet Marketing Team

The mixed model also requires a lot of time and attention. But still, engaging the agency is a common option for solving individual issues or filling in the gaps in the knowledge of your own team when such a need arises.

The team of an outsourcing company is the best investment for growing your business. Experts with a rich experience in implementing similar projects can work faster and more efficiently with different marketing channels. The costs of their services include payment for platforms, tools, software, and advertising. This option will also allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business, contributing to its growth and stability.

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