Tips for Buying a Second Hand Trailer

Trailers are a really useful thing to have and whether you need one for work or leisure, they can be a great way of making sure that you get everything that you need from A to B. Most people will look out for a second hand trailer, as this will be the cheaper option, but before you go out and buy one, it is a good idea to arm yourself with all the knowledge that you need so that you know what to look out for…

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The first thing to look at when you are shopping for a second-hand trailer is the boards that are used for the flooring. Wooden boards that have not been well looked after or are older can rot and start to break. If the flooring is made from metal, rather than wood, look out for signs of rust.

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If you are prepared to do some of the maintenance yourself you may well get yourself a bargain – you can buy trailer parts online that are a good price, and this could mean that once you have spent a bit of time on it, you have a great new trailer!

The tyres are also something to have a look at. If there is wear on the tyres that is uneven, then the axle may be bent which is a big problem and something that you want to avoid!

Before you buy any trailer second-hand, you should attach it to a vehicle so that you can also check that the wiring and the brakes are working properly.

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