Three Beautiful Native Trees to Look out for on Your Country Walks

The UK is home to many beautiful native trees, and as we start to look forward to the warmer and longer days, it is a great time to connect with nature and start exploring the beautiful British countryside – and learning about the ancient trees.

Here are a few to look out for on your walks…

Hazel (Corylus avellana) – This is a tree that you may notice standing out in February, as it is the first to develop catkins. These yellow dangling parts are the male part of the tree and hang down around the time that the snowdrops are on the ground – bringing the hope of warmer days with them. Hazel is a common tree in the UK, associated with wisdom and of course has long been used for dowsing.

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Oak – The English oak is a symbol of Britain and has long been revered. There are many stories and beliefs about these magnificent trees, from the ancient druids to the story of the king in the oak tree. Oak has also long been a highly prized building material and is still popular today for building, such as these Timberpride oak roof trusses.

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Silver Birch – Another popular and striking British tree, the silver Birch with its beautiful white bark is found in gardens as well as in the wild. These trees support many wild animals from insects to birds, as well as a wide variety of species of fungi. Birch trees are associated with new beginnings as they were among the first to re-appear after the ice age.

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