Ideas for Embellishing Your Clothes

Austerity may be over in the UK, but it’s left us in the mood to save our pennies as much as possible, making do and mending wherever we can. And nowhere is this more applicable than in the clothes we wear.

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But it’s not just about saving money. As Love Your Clothes points out, upcycling and altering your clothes allows you to put together a truly unique look, so you won’t need to worry about bumping into someone dressed exactly the same as you.

You don’t have to be a professional dressmaker either. There are lots of embellishments that can be done with the minimum of sewing, and you can even use a glue gun in the case of sequins and beads. Your choices are limited only by your imagination, so grab some old clothes and get ready to update them!

Sequins, Beads and Pearls

You’ll find a huge array of colours and styles for beads, pearls and sequins which can easily be stitched or glued to your clothes, either randomly or in patterns or shapes, to update a favourite shirt, blouse or jumper.

Fabric Roses

Beautiful, colourful fabrics can easily be made into gorgeous roses and flowers that can be stitched to a dress or coat for a modern take on the corsage. All you need is a selection of dressmaking fabrics – offcuts are fine – and some needle and thread. There are plenty of online tutorials if you need a little help, but it’s really not hard.

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“But where can I buy dressmaking fabrics?” you wonder. These types of shop are becoming increasingly hard to find on the high street, but as with most things these days, the internet will soon deliver you some answers.

Add Lace

Pretty lace adds a feminine touch to so many clothes, so try adding some to collars and cuffs for a dash of elegance. If you’re really nifty with your sewing skills, you could try inserting panels of lace into a dress or top for a more striking look.


A truly unique option is to add some embroidery to your clothing. You need to have good sewing skills, but there are lots of training videos online if you’re keen to give it a try. Practise your stitches on a spare piece of fabric first, then let your ideas run wild!


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