The most important reasons to clean your grease trap

Your kitchen is likely a busy place as part of your business and somewhere you want to keep safe and productive.

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We are often aware of the main risks in a kitchen and are good at keeping abreast of them, but a high level of consideration should be given to your grease trap and the reasons for cleaning it to keep it running at an optimal level.

Here are some of the most important reasons to keep your grease trap clean and ways in which you can do so:

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Odour and smell

Fats, oils and greases (FOG) continually accumulate in a grease trap and over time they begin to congeal which emits a foul odour.

If this is left untreated there is every likelihood that the odour will continue to get stronger, filtering into public areas and affecting business. This can be deemed a statutory nuisance under legislation detailed at and can affect your business, resulting in expensive financial loss.

Avoid tank replacement

If the FOG is left in the grease trap and the trap remains unclean then it starts to disseminate, releasing a sulphur gas which in turn becomes sulphuric acid. This acid can begin to erode the walls on the grease trap, forcing you into purchasing a new, expensive replacement.

Difficulty cleaning your grease trap

Although stainless steel grease traps are hard wearing FOG left in a trap for extended periods of time can result in a barrier that is virtually unmanageable and cannot be cleaned. Regular cleaning will ensure blockages should not occur and those that do are more easily dealt with.

Blockages and beyond

The range of grease traps you can buy such as are varied but even the best grease trap will not be effective in preventing a blockage if the trap is not cleaned regularly and properly.

Blockages in the traps then extend to the sewers causing extensive blockages to the main wastewater pipeline. A situation such as this can be expensive and can affect business as the kitchen is extensively affected by wastewater backflow.

Keeping your grease trap clean and free-flowing will not only result in a more hygienic environment but also a more productive and cost-effective business ensuring staff retention and customer satisfaction too.

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