How drivers can save money on their motoring

In today’s world where every penny counts, saving money on your driving expenses is a good way to cut down your costs. From choosing economical tyres to changing your driving habits, there are lots of ways to reduce your car outgoings. Here we’ll share some practical tips that can help you save money while on the road.
Don’t pay extra for premium fuel

Contrary to popular belief, most modern vehicles are designed to run efficiently on regular fuel. Unless your car explicitly requires premium fuel, there’s no need to spend extra money for higher octane ratings. If in doubt, consult your vehicle’s manual to determine the recommended fuel type.

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Drive carefully when your car is colder

During colder months, it’s essential to adjust your habits to account for the decreased fuel efficiency. Cold weather can negatively affect your car’s engine performance and fuel economy.

Consider purchasing a van

If you find yourself frequently hauling equipment, materials or stock, then consider purchasing a van. The large space allows for easy transportation of goods, cutting down on the need for multiple trips and thereby saving significantly on fuel expenses. Look at a variety of used vans for sale Tewkesbury, such as those at, until you find the right vehicle for your needs.

Compare car insurance prices

Car insurance premiums can vary significantly from one provider to another. To ensure you’re getting the best rate, take the time to shop around and compare quotes from insurance companies.

Check your tyre pressure regularly

Improperly inflated tyres increase rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel economy. Make it a habit to check your tyre pressure with a pressure gauge at least once a month. Keeping your tyres inflated at the level recommended by the manufacturer optimises fuel efficiency.

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