Fashion that has stood the test of time

Trends and fashions are ever-changing, but there are some that seem to keep coming back into vogue time and time again. Here are just a few of them for you to consider and see whether you want to incorporate some of them into your wardrobe selection.

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Bootcut jeans – a staple of the jean collection, bootcut jeans have their place in most women’s wardrobes. A take on the flares of the past, many people like to wear these styles of jeans during the colder autumn and winter months, where they can pair them together with a nice pair of boots.

Leather jackets – once seen as the fashion icon of the rockers, the leather jacket has been adapted over the years to now be found in a variety of faux leather stylings and in almost every colour that you can think of.

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Irish fisherman sweater styles – these types of jumpers, like the ones that you can see from have been in fashion for many years. Once developed to help keep fishermen warm during their fishing trips, these jumpers are now enjoyed by all genders and ages. They can be found in many different styles and colours.

Wrap dresses – a staple in the summer months is that of the wrap dress. Designed to be easy to put on and flexible enough to wear on its own or even over the top of leggings and knee-high boots in the winter, it is a fashion statement that is found in many women’s wardrobes across the world.

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