Top brand tips to know in 2023

Looking to build your brand in 2023? These are some top tips that all businesses should know.

1. Refresh your colour schemes

If your colour scheme is outdated, you might want to make your brand look fresher by bringing some new colours into the mix. Neutrals and nature-themed colour palettes are very big right now, but bold 90s style brights are also having a moment. Remember that you don’t need to apply this to your brand, but you can apply it to your next marketing campaign to make it look current and enticing.

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2. Think about your imagery

Great photos tell a powerful picture, so if you’re still relying on stock imagery, now is the time to up your game. Consider commissioning your own imagery to get a bespoke brand set for your campaigns this year. Consider using real customers, real employees and real situations so that your imagery tells an authentic story about what you are. Remember too, that a photo can convey emotions and feelings in a way that language cannot.

3. Consider the use of illustration

Illustration is also a big trend for 2023 and it’s a great way to tell a story about your brand and to humanise it with a sense of values, ethics and personality. An illustrator can share information about your products, services and values with a simple illustration and you can build up a style that is unique and recognisable to your brand.

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4. Refresh and revive with bold touches

Looking to pack a punch with your next campaign? Don’t be afraid to use bold touches, including new fonts, bold colours, graphics and surprising presentation. A good graphic designer from a brand strategy agency can suggest ways to refresh your marketing without moving away too far from your core brand.

5. Remember digital elements

A brand strategy agency will always remind you to design for digital and print, so remember the power of digital in terms of immersive branding, virtual reality, animation and other exciting new developments that can engage audiences in a fresh new way.

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