The 2019 wedding dress collection that will make you dream

The 2019 wedding dress collection that will make you dream

The 2019 wedding dress collection that will make you dream. Are you looking for your wedding dress? 2019 opens the doors to refined. And precious collections, and it is in this context that a company is inserted with a catalog designed to pay homage to the woman. Here are the new features contained in these wonderful sartorial works of art.

Tradition and new trends: why choose?The 2019 wedding dress collection that will make you dream

For the idea of skillfully combining past and present, traditions and innovations is now a trademark. Thus, the new 2019 bride line stays true to princely, flared, midi cuts. And mermaid wedding dresses where, delightful necklines  And tattooed laces, follow the curves of the body like a true anthem of timeless elegance. The 2019 collection was also designed for those women who do not want to give up on a new bride idea in their day: young, fresh. And more natural. Among the new trends, we find the thin straps and the deep V-necklines: a sexy. And romantic marriage for brides who want to focus on sensuality.

Princesses for a dayThe 2019 wedding dress collection that will make you dream

This is the mantra followed by a company: a fixed point from which the maison’s staff set off to create an impeccable   And stylish collection where the search for the perfect fabric left no way to compromise on the high quality of the materials. The lace is an inevitable presence of many models, with delicate textures. And embroideries never excessive; the silk organza and the tulle give fluidity to the more voluminous skirts where. However, the balance remains a great constant. The asymmetrical cuts, as well as short Wedding dresses, are designed for women who besides being princesses for a day, looking for original designs or non-conformists. For those who love the past ages, there is no lack of proposals with retro-style ball-gowns or classic sheath dresses.

The details that will make you shineThe 2019 wedding dress collection that will make you dream

What makes an emblem of your dreams a suit? The exact interpretation of the personality of a bride who seeks. In every single detail, the materialization of her wedding idea. Here the creative staff of a company defined each model, characterizing it with details : The bell sleeves, the waist belts , the flounced skirts, the asymmetry of the lengths, the plumetis necklines , the floral decorations intertwined with the transparencies of arms and decollete. All this was designed to make the clothes of  small masterpieces meticulously cared for.

Color, mon amour : the bridal nuances 2019The 2019 wedding dress collection that will make you dream

Peach, antique pink, light blue, indigo: these are the pastel shades that have always distinguished brides who wanted to dare with touches of color. Different from the classic whiteness of white and ivory. For 2019 a company goes far beyond conventions. And interprets the dreams of a bride with a warrior, decisive and strong character. The chosen shade is therefore the flaming red. A symbol of passion and strength of mind but not only: For those who want to create that contrast that is not trivial, black. And white versions are available, that is white dresses embellished with wide black belts in lace and satin . Following the trail of the color combo, Eglantine Créations also proposes combinations of white and bordeaux or ivory and navy blue.


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