Top 5 Tourist Countries

Top 5 Tourist Countries

Not far off is a hot time for vacations. Summer is the perfect time to go on the long-awaited journey of your dreams. Comfortable and pleasant rest, which will give you a lot of pleasant sensations and will be remembered for a long time, requires careful preparation from you. And, of course, the key point is to choose the direction of the trip. While there is still enough time until the years, we advise you to find out which best tourist countries you have a chance to visit this year.

We offer you a rating of the 10 most attractive tourist countries this year.


Speaking of summer holidays, sunny Spain immediately comes to mind. Of course, the main reason for visiting this country is the golden sands of the beaches, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, which was the country from two sides. However, apart from this, Spain is famous for its rich culture, which clearly manifests itself in traditional festivals, festivals, and bullfights. All these events are held on a large scale in the summer. Architecture lovers will also have something to enjoy in Spain. Barcelona and Ronda are amazing.

Top 5 Tourist Countries

If you make a list of places worth visiting in this country, you cannot do without the following directions:

  • Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe.
  • Salvador Dali Museum
  • Holy Family Cathedral
  • Altamira Cave
  • Colomares Castle


Country of romance, red lipstick, and croissants for breakfast. Almost every girl at least once in her life thought about how it would be great to walk through Montmartre, to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame de Paris live.

It is Paris that attracts thousands of tourists every year like a magnet. A charming atmosphere, exquisite architecture and bustling cultural life will not leave anyone indifferent.

Top 5 Tourist Countries

However, one should not assume that France is limited only to its capital. Across the country, there are no less picturesque and interesting cities that are worth visiting. Of course, this is not a complete list, but you need to start somewhere. Why not from one of these places?

  • Bordeaux
  • Nice
  • Strasbourg
  • Avignon
  • Toulouse


Germany is one of the safest countries for tourists, and its major cities are a real find for creative young people; life there is in full swing and does not stop for a minute. Germany is a country with a thousand-year history, and many traditions have been carefully preserved to this day. However, on the other hand, it is a country of advanced technologies and broad views on many areas of modern life.

Berlin, a lot of exciting castles, Cologne Cathedral, the famous vintage markets, and Europa-Park – this and much more will give you an unforgettable experience of a trip to Germany.

Great Britain

The capital of the UK is the most visited city in the world. And indeed, London is worth it to see it with my own eyes, to study and feel it. Valorous history, masterpieces of literature and a huge contribution to modern pop culture – all this makes London a city in which every traveler can find something to his liking. When planning your acquaintance with Foggy Albion, pay attention to the following sights:

  • Tower Bridge
  • Big Ben
  • Ferris wheel “London Eye”
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Westminster Abbey

Believe me; a trip to London will not disappoint you.


A truly unforgettable experience guarantees you a trip to Japan. This is not just another, it is a whole new world that you can visit and discover.

This unique Asian country harmoniously combines unique natural objects, such as Fujiyama, and ultramodern megacities.

The historical architecture is fascinating for its harmony, and the modern cities captivate with brightness. In addition, it will be incredibly interesting to plunge into a culture that is radically new for a European person. The way of life and even the world perception of the Japanese is significantly different from what we are used to.

Top 5 Tourist Countries

Choosing Japan as the destination of your journey, you will undoubtedly get a tremendous and unparalleled tourist experience.

Of course, there are a lot more interesting tourist countries for rest, and choosing your own direction, you should explore as many possible options as possible so that you don’t get disappointed during the trip. That is why it is also important to remember that there are dangerous countries in which tourism can turn into trouble for you.

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