What are eco-friendly windows and doors and how can they benefit you?

With nearly one-fifth of the heat lost from uninsulated homes escaping through windows and doors, it can pay – both for your purse and for the planet – to install energy-efficient alternatives. There are also other things to consider if you want to go eco-friendly with your windows and doors.

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Window technology cuts heat loss

Even if you already have double glazing fitted in your property, installing more up-to-date windows can dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of your home and reduce the amount of heat that escapes. This is good news for reducing carbon emissions, for the environment, and for household running costs.

It is also good news for the value of your home. Forbes says that making energy-efficiency improvements such as installing eco-friendly windows and doors can add value to your home.

Design and manufacturing quality for your windows and doors

The quality of the seals around your windows and the thermal performance of the frames will also affect the eco-friendliness of your windows and doors.

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Rooms with large expanses of glass in doors or windows can benefit from increased sunlight and solar gain, so could be less costly to heat with radiators.

The British Fenestration Rating Council has introduced window energy ratings to make it easier for us to judge which windows are the most energy-efficient. ‘A’ is the most energy efficient and ‘C’ is the least. Anything with a lower rating will not comply with building regulations if it is installed in your home.

If you are considering fitting new windows Dublin, a supplier such as https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin/ can offer advice on what to look out for and which eco-friendly products would best suit your needs.

Eco-friendly materials for doors and windows

Other eco-friendly specifications for your windows and doors could include self-cleaning glass, which will require fewer cleaning products to keep it sparkling. The materials used in the frame of the windows and the body of the doors should also be eco-friendly; for example, wood should be sourced from sustainable forests and PVC or metal should be made in a way that facilitates recycling.

We all want to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. By installing environmentally-friendly windows and doors, we can help to reduce the impact on the planet and on our purses.


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