How to Replace your Boiler

It’s time to replace your boiler if you can’t remember when you last replaced it, or even if you have but it’s been a good few years. It’s not possible to keep a boiler running forever. If it has become old and slow or noisy and unpredictable, then it is time to upgrade. Here are some suggestions on how to find a replacement:

What type of boiler do you have?

You may have one of three systems – either a high pressure system with a separate water heater, a gravity fed system with a separate water tank or a combi boiler. You can call a professional for help if you are unsure. Central heating is a complicated system. For help with Evesham Boilers, contact The Combi Man who works with Evesham Boilers.

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What can you replace it with instead?

How satisfied you are with the current system will determine what you decide to replace it with. The number of parts that need to be replaced in your existing system could also influence your decision. Gravity-fed boilers are not recommended for replacements as they require an additional tank in the attic. If you prefer this setup, you will need a heat-only or system boiler. It’s easy to replace an existing combi boiler if you are satisfied with it. Consider a unit with a higher output if you want more heat.

Condensing boilers

Since 2003, most new boilers are condensing. They are more efficient and use less fuel. You may need to reposition the boiler to allow for an external drain. Pump and drainage pipes must also be insulated against freezing.

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Want solar energy?

Solar panels are a good option for replacing a hot-water cylinder. Summer hot water is usually free. However, it will need to be topped up in the winter.

Installing the system

Your engineer can help you understand the installation process if you are concerned. Some parts, like supply pipes and flues, may need to be replaced but any work should not be too disruptive or take too long.


Another factor that will influence your decision is the cost. It’s true that replacing a boiler can be expensive, so it’s best to consult experts who specialise in domestic heating. Ask them to come out and do a free survey and learn about the different boilers, their prices, and their installation costs so that you, the consumer, can make the most well informed decision.

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