Working in a Care Home and supporting Residents with Dementia

Supporting residents in a Care Home, experiencing the crippling illness of Dementia can be a very rewarding but challenging career choice.  Caring for an individual who is often scared, anxious and confused on a daily basis isn’t easy and this particular role needs a person who can show empathy, and understanding, as well as remain calm and patient, reassuring the person and distracting them with fun activities if they start to show Challenging Behaviours.  Most C.Q.C. rated Care Homes who receive an Outstanding level are prepared to invest in their staff and understand that if they have completed at least one Challenging behaviour course ran by a professional, reputable, experienced Agency such as they will provide a much better level of Care for their residents.

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This is a complex disease with complex symptoms and receiving thorough training on how to effectively help residents with this crippling condition is of paramount importance. De-escalation strategies and distraction methods are taught by these experienced professionals as well as compassion and empathy.  Dementia is the biggest cause of deaths in older people and even though millions of pounds has been invested in trying to find a cure, tragically thousands of individuals are still struggling with Dementia and staff in Care Homes are trying to support them effectively.

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Comprehensive and specialist training is certainly an effective tool in supporting Care Home Staff with their essential roles.

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