Groundbreaking British TV shows

British television features some of the most groundbreaking television shows ever created.  As the British cinema industry declined and its studios devoted to supporting Hollywood movies,  British television began to push the boundaries of what was capable of being made.  Regardless of the  innovation of these television shows it was still a requirement as it is today to use the services of a TV aerial installation Tewkesbury based company like Here are a few examples of some of the most forward-thinking shows.

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  •  Coronation Street.  It continues to be the most watched television program on British TV to this day.  Starting in the early 1960s, it is the longest running television program series in the world.  It has changed considerably but has always strived to present the lives and experiences of ordinary regular people in the City of Manchester.  it was groundbreaking in that it featured northern accents over the usual clipped tones of the presenters on the BBC.
  •  Doctor Who.  The longest running science fiction show in the world,  Dr Who also began in the early 1960s.  Originally designed as a supplementary history program it soon moved into the science fiction juggernaut that it is today.

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  • The prisoner.  The epitome of 60s colour and creativity, The Prisoner was the brainchild of Patrick McGoohan, who also starred in the program.  It covered many subjects, individuality,  the corruption of democracy,  and also examined what it is to be a human and the human condition.

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