How to remove deep scratch from car

How to remove deep scratch from car

How to remove deep scratch from car?

If you scratched your car is not the end of the world. What might seem like a big scratch is sometimes just the paint that has been raised after a blow, like when your car has hit a bumper or other object softer than the paint on your car. However, you may have a much deeper cloth – the kind of cloth that makes your stomach stir just from seeing it. Here, we’ll discuss How to remove deep scratch from car.

How to remove deep scratch from car?

How to remove deep scratch from car

There is a way to repair those small or large scratches in your car, and it is not that hard to achieve. You need a little effort on your part, and very soon you can see your car as new. Therefore, here we tell you how to repair the scratches on the paint of your car:

Evaluate fabrics

It is essential to define what type of damage is because that is how you will know the type of repair that will have to be done. A car has four layers: the transparent layer (that gives shine to the paint), color (base paint), primer (prepares and protects the metal of the body helping to unite the paint with the surface) and the metal.

Evaluate rayon

Some scratches only affect the surface (the transparent layer) while other scratches affect all other layers. The deeper cloth is, the more intensive the treatment will be to repair it. There are two categories:

Light scratch

These scratches are those that are only in the transparent layer of the paint, so they are the simplest to repair. Most of the damage is on the surface, so you can polish the area where the scratch is or spray with a new protective layer on the surface.

Base coat / deep scratch

This type of cloth inevitably involves the other layers of paint (in addition to the transparent one). This damage is much more serious, here what you have to do is sand the cloth, then put a new layer of paint to match the color, polish again, and your car will be like new.

How to repair the light scratches of your car?

light scratches of your car

Step one: Clean the surface and remove any remaining paint.

Step Two: Get a tape and cover the areas near the rayon.

Step three: Apply a small amount of polish on a microfiber cloth.

Step Four: Polish the rayon.

Step five: Use the microfiber to clean and dry the area.

If the cloth exceeds the transparent layer, you can try using a polishing product with a remover effect, such as:

  • Turtle Wax
  • 3M scratch remover system
  • 3M polishing compound 39002
  • Express wax X9 cleaning kit
  • Mother’s California Gold scratch remover

How to repair deep scratches on your vehicle?

deep scratches on your vehicle

Step one: Make sure you buy the same color of paint.

You can do this by checking the information plate that most vehicles have on the driver’s door. There you can find the color code of your car. If you can not find this information, it is best to contact the agency.

Step two: Wash and dry your car correctly.

It is important since the dust and other paint on the scratches can cause small scratches the moment you try to repair them. Do it when your car is clean check if there is any other damaged part.

Step three: Sanding.

Buy sandpaper, wet it and start sanding smoothly. Make sure to sand only on the first layer of paint (clear coat).

NOTE: Sand only towards one direction

Wet the surface you’re sanding periodically. This will help to see how much more you should sand and not damage your car anymore. If the scratch is still seen slightly, use a little thicker sandpaper than the first and then return the thin sandpaper.

Rinse the area again and dry with a microfiber cloth. You only have to use the microfiber, since other fabrics could cause small scratches to your vehicle.

Step Four: Get a tape and cover the areas near the rayon. This will ensure that you are only going to treat the damaged part.

Step Five: Apply a small amount of primer on the scratch. Wait for it to dry completely.

Step six: Mix the paint with a little primer. You can use a touch-up bottle for this.

Step Seven: Apply the paint and completely cover the surface of the scratch. Work from the edges to the inside of the cloth. If the surface of the scratch is very small, you can use a brush or a toothpick for this step.

Be careful not to apply a lot of paint. The trick is to cover all the areas, then with a handkerchief dry the surface until the excess paint is absorbed completely.

Step eight: Let the paint dry for several days.

Step nine: Place wax and polish on the entire car, this will help the paint mix completely and also shine your car.

Other important things to remember when repairing scratches on car

repairing scratches on car

Wait for the first layer of paint to dry before applying another layer.

If you do not trust your ability to repair your car, it is better to go with a professional who offers you the service. You should consider that this procedure is not cheap since basically, the cost is approximately 300-450 dollar for the painting and waxing of the car panel. The treatment is expensive since they repair the entire piece where the damage or scratches are found.

Check the other parts of your car and check that you do not have other scratches before starting the repair. This way you will not waste time, and you can fix all the parts that have some damage at one time.

Car paint is dangerous, keep it away from children and pets. Also protect yourself, since to repair your car you need to use: gloves, mask, goggles and even gas mask when possible. It also ensures being in a ventilated area at all times when doing work.

If you do not have enough money to repair your car, you can use a magic pen (special for painting cars) and even white toothpaste. Although these alternatives only work with small scratches and in the first coat of paint.

Scratches are inevitable in the life of your vehicle, do not worry too much about them. Just follow these simple steps, and you will soon see that your car will be in normal condition again. If you enjoyed reading our ideas about How to remove deep scratch from car, don’t forget to share with friends.

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