Eco-Friendly Heating Options for 2018

Environmental issues have been hitting the headlines for years, and more than ever householders strive to do their bit to save the planet.

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We’re all au fait with the problems caused by plastics. An article by the BBC lays out the scale of the problem in the UK. But it’s not just plastics that are the problem: another big contributor to our pollution problem is old and ineffective heating systems. So what options are available that are a more environmentally friendly?

Why Are Old Heating Systems a Problem?

Aside from the environmental impact of old heating systems, they can be very dangerous if they aren’t working properly. If you’re boiler isn’t regularly serviced, you run the risk of being exposed to carbon monoxide fumes. A heating system that isn’t operating efficiently also uses more fuel, pushing up both you bill and your impact on the environment.

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What Eco-Friendly Options Are Available?

A system which uses a heat pump, whether that is sourced from air or other means, is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions on the market. Compared to a traditional electric heater, they produce around three times as much heat for each unit of electricity used. While they will, without doubt, provide you with a cheaper and more eco-friendly heating solution, they are expensive to install. If you’re planning to stay in a property for a long period of time, this might not be an issue as you will make your investment back over time.

Infrared technology is a relative new comer to the heating market, but it’s quite effective. The heat they produce is radiant, and they reduce heat loss because a lot of it is absorbed into the surfaces around it.

Electric radiators continue to be an eco-friendly solution, and recent changes to EU regulations mean new features will be added to further improve their performance.

As well as being more eco-friendly, newer heating systems come in a much wider range of styles and types. For example, traditional column radiators, such as those supplied by, are now available in a range of colours and either vertical or horizontal columns.

Of course, more up to date eco-friendly heating systems will also help you to save money on your bills as well as looking great in any style of home.


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