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If you regularly send out packages to your customers, either through the post or by using a Same Day Courier Slough company such as UK TDL you may have tried to look for the perfect packaging materials. The type of material that you chose will depend very much on the kinds of items that you post, your budget and whether you are an environmentally conscious organisation. There are lots of options available and here are some of them for you to have a look through.

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Boxes – this is one of the most common types of packaging used across the world. It is easy to source, cheap and most importantly it is recyclable. You can find boxes in a number of different sizes, shapes and colours. There are even companies that will print your logo on the boxes for you so you can add some branding to your packages.

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Bags – there are some products that are better sent out in packaging bags. The problem with these is they are often very unattractive and also not recyclable. There are however companies that are now making compostable bags that are sturdy enough to be used to send items in the post. Again you can have this customised so that have your business branding on the outside.

Packing beans – it is much harder to find environmentally friendly packing beans. There are companies that supply compostable bags that are filled with air and help to prevent your items from moving around in the boxes as well as protecting them in transit.

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