What is Solar Energy?

Quite simply, solar power is created by harnessing the power of the sun and converting it into energy we can use to power our homes or businesses. The energy from the sun comes in two forms, heat and electricity.

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The power is generated using solar panels, whether these are small ones fitted to a residential roof or a vast solar farm. Solar power is sustainable and no carbon emissions are produced. It is also an infinite source of energy, as long as the sun continues to shine! Find out more about Solar Panel Installation Burnham by visiting a site like https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-burnham

Solar energy is not a new thing. It has been used by humans since the 7th century BC. It was a basic system of using shiny objects to reflect the sun’s rays to start fires. By 1839, a French physicist came across the photovoltaic effect. He had a cell made of metal electrodes and noticed that it produced more power when exposed to light. It would take until 1954 for scientists to create a silicon PV cell that produced enough electricity to power appliances.

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Solar panels are made of silicon or another semiconducting metal that is encased in glass. When these panels are exposed to photons of light, they create electrons that make an electrical charge. The DC produced is stored in the wiring inside the panels. An inverter then converts to AC which is the type of current you need when plugging in an electrical device.

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