Keeping your communication systems safe from fraud

VoIP is now one of the most cost-effective ways that business can communicate with the outside world. The incredibly flexible solution allows for businesses to set up their telephones utilising the internet as their main line, rather than your standard telephone line. This means that if your company decides to move offices or perhaps you are hit with some bad weather and some of your staff are unable to get in, you can quickly and efficiently have the telephone calls rerouted through to any numbers of your choice. The possibilities are almost endless with this type of technology, including the ability to have any voicemail messages emailed to you so that you can respond to them accordingly. However, with this great diversity of applications comes the potential for fraud to occur.

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Anyone who is using the internet is aware of the simple ways that hackers and other parties who are wishing to conduct fraudulent activity can gain access to and in some instances control of your systems. There are a variety of ways that you can try and protect yourself from these types of attacks, but all of course will cost you money. This is where VoIP again comes to the rescue as wholesale az voip termination rates offer the opportunity for savings to be made. By taking some of these savings and putting them into your wider security measures.  If you are interested, then take a look at

As new technology develops and becomes popular with main stream businesses and domestic customers, hackers see an opportunity to be able to hold people to ransom for their data or to use their access to the systems to be able to find information that they can then sell on to other interested parties. VoIP is one such new style technology. Although the ability to use VoIP phones has been around for a while it is only during in a relative short time span that it has started to become increasingly popular – largely due to its flexible and cost saving potentials.

Some of the ways that they try to gain access to your information is through password scanning and monitoring the key stroked from your system as well as through phishing and traffic pumping.

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Having a cyber security policy in place is one of the most effective ways (as well actually having security in place on your systems) to help make the lives of the hackers difficult when they are trying to access your system. Regularly monitoring your systems, especially during quiet periods such as Sundays and evenings, as these are often the times when a hack may occur and also ensuring all staff are briefed on the business policy for password creation and sharing and also the opening and forwarding of suspicious emails will help to make all staff aware of the part they play in keeping the company data and communication systems safe from attack.

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