How to keep older people safer in their homes

We should all be able to relax and feel comfortable in our homes. As we age, activities, places, and exercises that were once considered completely safe can become dangerous. Some older people feel anxious about living alone.

There are some basic things older people, and their families can do to ensure they stay as safe, comfortable, and happy as possible while they live independently.

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Prevention of falls in the home

Falling is one of the main dangers that older people face in their homes. In the UK, statistics show that falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for individuals over 75.

You can prevent falls by following these simple steps:

Avoid rushing! People often fall when they pick up the phone. They move faster than they would like to because they are worried they will miss the call. You can get a cordless phone that you can carry with you, or a phone with voice messaging so you don’t have to worry about missing a call.

Wear footwear that is non-slip. It is especially important on surfaces such as linoleum or tiled floors.

Install night lighting to ensure your flooring is bright enough. Trip hazards include mats and loose edges on the floor. Tape can be used to secure floor coverings so they don’t move when you walk over them.

Use the railings when ascending or descending stairs. If you find that stairs are difficult for you, you may want to consider a stairlift or think about relocating to a home without stairs like Gloucestershire Park Homes. Find out more at

If you require a walker or stick, use them consistently. Avoid relying on furniture to provide stability. It can fall or you could lose your grip, which can lead to a slip.

Keep moving. You can maintain your health, balance, and mobility by doing gentle, regular exercise. Exercise does not have to be intense; even a gentle walk can improve your health and wellbeing.

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Consider a personal alarm which are useful for the following:

Unexpected medical issues

Worry about an unwanted guest or interloper.

Fire or a flood.

A fall that you cannot get up from without help.

A Personal Alarm is a great way for an independent person to receive the help they need when they need it. They can remain free at home and still be assured of their safety.

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