Four Things to Check in Your Home Before Winter Arrives

Although we haven’t had much of a summer, it is nearly at an end and the autumn and winter will be upon us in no time. Planning and preparing for the worsening weather can help to keep us and our homes safe, as well as reducing the risk of incurring additional costs for emergency call outs when things go wrong.

Here are some of the things to check and prepare for before the bad weather of the winter months arrives…

Fencing – In the winter, winds can be very strong and in particular areas that are coastal or exposed can bear the brunt of the worst winds. Your garden fence is something that can be damaged by strong winds, so now is the time to check it to make sure that it is strong enough to get through the winter. Check around the bottom for signs of rot and damage and test the strength of the panels and the posts – if they move when you push them, it is a good idea to get them repaired now so that they can withstand strong winds when they arrive.

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Pipes – One of the biggest problems that can occur in the winter when temperatures drop is damage to the pipes. Wind and rain can also damage pipes that are outside, and protecting them is key. Simple things like removing a hosepipe that is connected to your outdoor tap can help to prevent the pipes from freezing. You should also use pipe protectors like this to reduce the effects of freezing temperatures on the pipes and protect them in all weathers.

Heating – Your central heating helps to keep you warm in the winter, so if it breaks down it is not only expensive to call out an emergency plumber, but you also have to sit in the cold whilst you wait. Now is a good time to have a professional heating engineer come over to service your boiler and make any necessary repairs so that you can rest assured when winter arrives the heating will work.

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Roofing – Another part of the home that becomes damaged in the winter is the roof. Make sure that your roof is strong enough to take on the weather – from snow and ice, to wind. Check for missing tiles, and also check the guttering for signs of damage.

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