Common back complaints and ways in which you can try to prevent them

Back complaints are one of the most common reasons for people to take time away from their jobs. It is an issue that can occur to anyone and there are usually caused by one of the four reasons below.

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  • Lifting – this is one of the most common ways in which people injury their backs, by lifting items that are either too heavy for them to handle or using an incorrect lifting method. Many people will bend from their hips in order to pick up and item and this places immense pressure on the lower back. You should instead always ensure that you bend your knees to pick up an item and that you ask for help if it is too heavy for you to safely handle by yourself.
  • Sitting – our daily lifestyles have changed dramatically and we now spend more time sitting at our desks than we used to. For some this could be sitting whilst using a computer or even sitting whilst designing items. These sedantry roles require the right desks and Operator Chairs such as the ones you can see at to be used to prevent dmaage and dtrains from occuring to the lower back muscles and shulder and neck areas. During your work day you can alleviate some of the stress on these areas of your body by regularly moving around your work environment and stretching whilst you sit at your desk.

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  • Sports – taking part in weekend sports such as football and netball is another way in which people injure their backs. This may be from over exercising or straining a muscle or could be as a result of an impact with another player or the ground. It is important that when taking part in sports that you warm up and cool down effectively as these are mechanisms that can help to prevent muscle strains and injuries from occurring.
  • Daily commute – again this is another seated based problem. Sitting for an hour or more in traffic on the way to and from work will cause strains to your lower back and in the case of driving can also cause issues with your shoulders and neck and also your lower leg muscles. It is important that after being seated in a vehicle for a long period of time that you stretch and walk around to activate your circulatory system and get blood and oxygen flowing back to those muscles once again.

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