Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) – A legal opioid

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a plant from Thailand that produces a very noticeable, psychoactive effect.

Several drugs are included, the most effective being 7-hydroxy mitragynin, which is an opioid (similar to morphine, codeine, heroin, etc.).

Currently, it is legal in most countries of the world, ironically not in Thailand, presumably due to the corrupt government that makes money with the illegal opium trade. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland you can buy this plant completely legally and also from other countries!

However, if it is intended for consumption, it could fall under the law of medicines and similar laws, top Kratom vendors online sell it mostly by origin and color.

Kratom Dose

An average dose is about 3-5g, however different varieties are different potent and each person reacts differently sensitive to Kratom. With regular consumption a Kratom tolerance develops, one can therefore tolerate higher dosages and also feels a higher dosage effect. Single doses of well over 10g are not a rarity in everyday consumers.

Kratom species and effect

There are basically three different types of Kratom – those with green, those with white and those with red leaf veins. Red Vein Kratom is mainly sedating, White Vein is stimulant and Green Vein is a mixture of both.

Each Kratom can euphoric and, depending on the dose, either stimulating or sedating. Higher doses have a more sedative and less stimulating effect.

Owing to the opioid modes of action, it suppresses problems (can be used as an antidepressant, so to say) and has a pain-relieving effect.

This makes up a large part of the dependency potential, daily consumption leads to a physical dependency and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Risks and side effects

Since you have to swallow quite a lot of unpleasantly tasting powder at once, it often comes to nausea. But not only has the taste triggers had this, even during the intoxication one become sometimes bad.

This side effect can be minimized through targeted eating and an empty stomach before taking (more than 3 hours of eating).

It is best to eat directly when you feel the effect a little. Opioids are known for dangerous side effects such as respiratory depression and impotence. In Kratom in the solokonsum the danger of such life-threatening symptoms is not given. This factor is to be considered only in the highly overdosed mixed use with alcohol, benzodiazepines or other drugs.

As with other substances of this class of substances, there is also a certain dependency potential. Nevertheless, the risk of dependence is significantly lower than with tilidine, codeine, heroin and co.

It is only after prolonged consumption that there is a physical dependence, which is to be expected with very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Through the cumbersome intake and disgusting taste, the danger of mental addiction is also somewhat reduced.

Kratom as a medicinal plant

In Thailand, it has been used for centuries as medicinal herbs. Because the appetite and hunger are suppressed during the intoxication, Kratom is a natural dietary.

This is an opioid, which can of course also be used as an analgesic. For severe pain, however, it is too weak; the doses needed are too high.

Slight backaches or sore throats, for example, can be well suppressed by this medicinal plant. The above-mentioned antidepressant effect is another healing aspect of Kratom.

Increase / boost kratom effect & reduce tolerance

There is the possibility to significantly increase and prolong the effect. In addition, the opioid tolerance can be reduced or the increase despite consumption can be prevented.

Kratom in capsules

The taste is felt by many people as very disgusting, which is why it is very recommendable to fill the powder in empty capsules and swallow:

Kratom smoking

Smoking is rather less suitable. You cannot pick up as much plant material as you need and much smoke is lost in the air. 5g Kratom to smoke is almost impossible! Whole (or cut-up) leaves can nevertheless be smoked for test purposes and will also have a low soothing effect. The taste is very unpleasant and the smoke is scratchy.

Kratom vaporize

Mitragyna speciosa can not only be smoked, but also vaporized. And the evaporation is even better than smoking! To vaporize the kratom, the vaporizer has to be adjusted to a temperature of 175-200 ° C. If you have rough material you should crush it before the Vaporize, so that the surface increases. The flavor of the plant opioid in the vaporizer is more pleasant than the taste of the smoke, it is only slightly bitter, but not unobtrusive. About 1-3g can be vaporized, so a noticeable effect should already be set.

Kratom extracts

There are also kratom extracts to buy, these are priced usually rather not and are not suitable for regular consumption. Although extracts are more potent than normal powders, they can rarely meet the promised potency. That the delivery comes from Holland is not a problem, since Mitragyna speciosa is legal in Germany (and also Austria and Switzerland)! Most extracts (even those indicated by 50: 1) must be dosed with 0.7-1.5g.

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