How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

Denim jackets are timeless classics because such a thing can be put on both for a walk and a solemn event. Stylish jackets are the different restrained design that you can change with your own hands, using beads, paint, and other decorative elements. Today we have prepared instructions on how to decorate a denim jacket by you.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

How to decorate a denim jacket with acrylic paint? Instructions with photos

If you wish to complement the clothes with an elegant pattern, you can choose the usual acrylic paint for fabric. It is worth paying attention to rich shades such as white, beige, lemon, olive, black. Before starting work, it is important to prepare a stencil that you can either buy or make yourself using tracing paper or thin cardboard. After that, proceed as follows:

  • wash and dry clothes lay them on a work surface;
  • using masking tape, attach to the place of application of the patterned stencil;
  • Pour the acrylic paint into a glass dish (do not dilute it), take a sponge or foam sponge;
  • Neatly apply the paint using a stencil and sponge, try to distribute it evenly, without smearing.

The paint dries within 24-30 hours, which depends on the layer thickness, after drying the product can be washed.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

Felt-tip pen and lace

If you decide to decorate a denim jacket with a light color, then you can use lace and a regular felt-tip pen. Lace is placed on the material under which a hard cardboard or wooden board is placed, after which they begin to gently paint the clothes with a felt-tip pen. You can put the picture on a small area, the jacket will look spectacular, decorated with a thin pattern around the perimeter. It is recommended to wash the product in 2-3 days after completion of work!

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

We decorate a denim jacket with rhinestones

Rhinestones and metal decor are at the peak of popularity in 2018, so you should definitely choose them to decorate jackets made from denim. The decor can be placed on clothes in a chaotic order, if you want to create a full-fledged pattern, then using a thin felt-tip pen or pen, place tags on the clothes. Further work is done as follows:

  • Take the required amount of rhinestones; buy fabric glue in the hardware store. It is poured into miniature vials, complemented by a long spout, which allows point-to-point application of liquid to the substrate.
  • Spread out the women’s jacket on a flat surface, pour the rhinestones on a plain towel or in a shallow plastic container.
  • Place on the label material, then gently apply glue to them, immediately attaching the rhinestones. For fastening use tweezers or a toothpick, focusing on the size of the decor.
  • Professional glue provides excellent adhesion, so your beautiful decorated jacket can be put on in 2-3 hours after work.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

If you doubt your abilities or do not want to work with liquid glue, you should get self-adhesive rhinestones. Such miniature decorative items should be simply laid out on the surface of the clothes, covered with thin natural material, after which they should be pressed with a hot iron (temperature for regular ironing) for 2-3 minutes.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

We choose thermo applications

Decals are ready-made decorative elements, which even an inexperienced person will apply to the fabric without problems:

  • choose a suitable pattern, put a denim jacket on a flat surface, level it;
  • heat the iron to the temperature you use during regular ironing;
  • gently attach the appliqué to the material, and place a hot iron on top, soaking it for 15–20 seconds;
  • remove the iron, check how well the image is attached;
  • Remove the upper protective film; iron the picture from the wrong side.

The larger the application, the longer it is necessary to iron it. Pictures are resistant to washing, fading, high temperatures, so they will serve you for many years. By the way, with their help, you can not only beautify the jacket but also mask the defects: holes in the fabric, persistent dirt, scuffs.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

How to decorate denim beads?

The white beads on denim look very good. To decorate clothes, you will need about 10 large-sized beads, which you can purchase in the hardware store. The work is simple, performed in 30-40 minutes:

  • place a pencil on the front of the clothes tags that will allow you to place the beads in the correct order;
  • Putting marks on 1 pc. Sew beads using a regular needle and thread.
  • Everything, clothes can be washed and worn without restrictions!

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

Embroidery jacket decor

Embroidery on denim products can be created by every craftswoman using colored threads, needles, hoops, and an interesting pattern. The complexity of the picture depends on your skill, if you are not fond of needlework, then use the easiest way to print the image on the printer.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

After making the pattern of the image, attach it to your denim jacket using the classic hoop. After that, gently begin to sew along the contour of the pattern, creating the first base lines.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

Having formed the main pattern, begin to add volume to it, embroidering neighboring chains. After performing the work, you need to carefully remove the remnants of paper, if parts of the sheet remain under the thread, then the product should simply be washed.

How To Decorate A Denim Jacket With Our Own Hands

These tips will help you to decorate a denim jacket that you can wear with skirts, pants, dresses. Experiment and fantasize to look perfect!

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