Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Despite the recently shifted standards of beauty towards the pompous ladies, many women, who have wide hips, still consider their figure unaesthetic. Both mature ladies and very young girls suffer from seeming “not ideality”, resorting to numerous tricks and trying to hide their full hips with the help of clothes. There are many items of clothing that are ideal for women with curvaceous. Some tricks and tips will help to pick up stylish, beautiful clothes that hide the hips, and wear them with pleasure, feeling comfortable and aware of their own attractiveness.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

General recommendations

Full hips from lack (which it seems to many women) can be easily transformed into dignity with the help of properly chosen clothes. The main rule: in order to hide wide hips and ill-fated “ears” in this area, one must divert attention from the problematic part of the body. It is necessary to focus on your strengths, emphasize your chest, beautiful neck, arms, décolleté or waist using the following techniques:

  • bright and bright, spectacular blouses, tops, T-shirts;
  • all kinds of ruches, bows, jabots, laces in the chest;
  • Massive necklaces, brooches, flashy jewelry for the bottom of the attire, here it is worth refusing:
  • tight, skin-tight silhouettes, knitted and knitted fabrics ribbed, elastic;
  • bright, bright colors;
  • overestimated waistlines, wide slack waist belts, elastic skirts, too low waistline (especially if there is a tummy);
  • large, catchy patterns, horizontal stripes;
  • loose in the hips, fluffy pants;
  • miniskirts;
  • Any non-standard and classic styles that emphasize the hips (including from the pencil skirt, trousers, flared from the knee, narrowed models, skirts-year).

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips


Receptions to hide wide hips

What type of clothing is suitable for a figure with full hips, which models will help them to hide and visually bring the silhouette to the cherished sandglass clock? The main task, in this case, consists not only in focusing attention on the upper part of the body but also in masking big hips with the help of fabrics, textures, styles and their combinations. Keep reading The Trials And Tribulations Of Choosing Winter Wear: Practicality Vs Aesthetics

Fabrics and textures

For tailoring for women with full hips, any are suitable for the density and texture of the fabric. The main task is to drape them beautifully so that they gently fit the figure, emphasizing the femininity of the forms. It is not recommended only to use excessively volumetric textures and textures that impart heaviness to the image: embossed patterns, heavy, thick materials, heavy-knit skirts or trousers made of warm material like a drape, thick suiting fabric.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Colors and patterns

When choosing clothes for girls with wide hips, it is better to avoid light, bright, spectacular colors, large patterns, and prints. The color can be rich and noble, but not catchy. Hide wide hips with clothes you can, using black, gray, dark blue, bottle-green, maroon wardrobe items. As a pattern, you can use a discreet cage, small, embossed ornament, vertical, diagonal stripes.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

The combination of different colors and materials

There is an expression invented by stylists – “smart dress”. With the help of a simple reception, fashion designers managed to realize the dream of all women, creating the type of dress that models any figure. Its secret is simple: the main part of the product is sewn from a fabric of bright or any light, often monochromatic color, and elegant inserts of a contrasting dark tone are made on the sides. These inserts can imitate lace, have a more dense texture, an implicit transition with the ombre effect, but the result is always there: any woman in such a dress seems thinner and slimmer, which is clearly seen in the photo. For girls with wide hips, selling clothes with a similar effect is a real success. For skirts and trousers, you can use vertical contrasting inserts, like stripes, contrasting seams along the hips, and other similar techniques.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Length and style

If the waist is your pride, you can emphasize it with a narrow contrasting belt, shifting the emphasis from the hips. Otherwise, focus on the waist should not be, picking up a model with a slightly understated fit, the wide yoke of the same color as the pants or skirt. You can hide wide hips with the help of beautiful, clear vertical folds, blouses, shirts, other clothes, a long cardigan, a jacket reaching mid-thigh. This place should not resemble a flashlight, no lush folds, only beautifully flowing or tight-fitting waist and belly fabric. However, perfectly matched clothes with a basky sometimes work wonders.

The optimal length of trousers or skirts depends not only on the volume of the hips but also on the shape of the legs, the shoes that you prefer. It is better to choose a small, steady heel and the length from midi to maxi. The knees should be covered, and the most beautiful parts of the legs can and should be shown to others. Shorts, mini-skirts, short Capri pants, breeches, and similar styles should be completely abandoned.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Choosing the right clothes

Clothing that hides the hips – the perfect choice for obese women and girls with a figure like “pear.” At the same time, you should not limit yourself in buying your favorite wardrobe items, you just need to choose the right style, color and learn to harmoniously combine different things together. Thus, you can wear everything, just to create a bow fit your type of figure, looked stylish and harmonious.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Pants and jeans

As already mentioned, the choice of trousers and jeans should be preferred products from dark fabrics. Do not try to wear too loose, baggy models. Hide the hips with the help of such clothes will not work, it only visually increases the problem areas. Trousers should fit, especially in the upper thighs, without adding extra volume. Choose classic styles of straight, slightly flared cut from the hip. Give up boyfriends, skinny, skinny, shortened models with large pockets, scuffs, holes, rivets. A simple and elegant classic in clothes is your choice. With shoes, with heels, such jeans will make you visually slimmer. Fashionable trousers with stripes also look good.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips


For girls with lush hips, skirt style trapezium flared sun, flared models from the hip, skirts with vertical inserts, patterns (strip), pleats. Wide hips can be hidden with the help of clothes in a diagonal strip, with an asymmetrical cut, decor in the hem area (for long skirts). It is necessary to abandon the patterned, white, variegated models, preferring calm and neutral colors of dark or neutral tones.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips


To hide wide hips with the help of clothes will allow free dresses-trapeze, A-silhouette models, fashionable styles in the spirit of the empire style, in the Greek style, detachable, with a high waist under the breast. Beautiful flowing folds will hide the flaws of the figure, and the neckline or contrasting inserts in this area will emphasize the beautiful neck, chest, help to create a harmonious image. Straight, full-length dresses of a tree silhouette and “smart” dresses with contrasting dark inserts or a gradient along the side seams will mask wide hips, giving your look slimness and grace.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Jackets, blouses, T-shirts, tops

The upper part of the dress should be bright, bright. You can experiment with patterns, prints, colors, accessories, and styles: any wildest blouses and tops are usually easily softened and compensated by classic dark pants and skirts. If you like romance, choose gentle flying blouses made of silk, viscose, chiffon, and guipure, with lace inserts, jabot, ruffles, frill, bows. Adherents of the classic style should opt for strict shirts and blouses of the male style of light shades, and for lovers of youth images and sports chic – on shirts, tops, T-shirts with or without prints, white and any bright colors. Blouses and shirts should be worn so that they cover the widest part of the hips.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Jackets, jackets, cardigans should have a free cut, fitted silhouettes should be avoided. Choose the length so that it either helps to hide the problem area of the hips or does not reach it. Light neutral and classic, but spectacular clothing colors are allowed: white, blue, red, emerald tones, as well as colorful patterns and catchy prints.

Shoes and accessories

To balance a large figure with wide hips, and at the same time visually lengthen the legs will help shoes with high speed. Girls with magnificent forms can have graceful legs, miniature feet and thin ankles with which sin is not to boast. Underline them with stiletto heels, elegant high-heeled ankle boots or high boots. Ladies with large font sizes should avoid shoes on the platform, bulky boots on a tractor sole, but shoes with low speed will not suit them. A steady heel of a medium size and classic shoes will give ease to a walk, and to the image of a charm, they will distract attention from too full hips, help to make the look harmonious and proportional.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Pay special attention to accessories: hats, berets, tie a beautiful silk scarf around your neck or head. A catchy medallion, beads, a necklace or a bright pendant will be appropriate. Earrings to them choose to match, but smaller. A handbag should match the overall style and size of the figure. You can choose a stylish hobo bag or shopper, a city backpack, but it is better to hold a clutch in your hand or under your arm, a theatrical handbag thrown over your shoulder on a chain or strap.

Clothes For Women With Wide Hips

Thus, it is easy to hide wide hips with the help of properly selected stylish clothes for the girl. The main thing is to find a good basic thing that fits perfectly on the figure and masks some of the flaws, which once again prove the photo from our selection.

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